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Shared Purpose and Core Values

Our Shared Purpose and Core Values guide every aspect of our business—from the people we hire, to our products and services, to our business partners and customers.

Our Shared Purpose

It started as an idea for a better way, but like all powerful ideas, it evolved into a passion. It’s why at Danaher we view every challenge as an opportunity. And it’s the reason we’re on a constant quest to make things better—for our customers, our company and the world.

Our Shared Purpose is Helping Realize Life’s Potential.

We are a diverse team of people and operating companies, each with unique missions and challenges. Yet, we are united by Our Shared Purpose, which directs how we live out every day to achieve our most ambitious goals.

Our Shared Purpose confirms our commitment to helping our customers achieve amazing things and the high standards by which we measure our own success. We innovate forward-looking technologies to solve our customers’ most complex challenges. We are their agents of possibility.

The impact of Our Shared Purpose goes beyond Danaher. It’s an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to something larger than ourselves.

“Helping Realize Life’s Potential is what we’re doing, every day, on a global scale. Think about our businesses and the impact we have: providing clean water, advancing scientific research and personal health, ensuring product safety. Every day, we’re helping improve quality of life around the world.” Rainer Blair, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Shared Purpose has its foundation in our five core values and is operationalized through the Danaher Business System. It’s what has made us who we are today, and it’s what will guide us into the future.


The Best Team Wins

Exceptional people thrive in Danaher's fast-paced, results-oriented culture. And our values start with our people.

  • We value our associates and their unique contributions, and we invest in their growth.
  • We're passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining the most talented and diverse team possible.
  • We put the most skilled, collaborative, engaged team on the field of play every day.


Customers Talk, We Listen

One of our teams’ most important responsibilities is to listen to our customers.

  • We continually seek deep insights into the needs of our customers, both explicit and implicit.
  • Our strong customer focus helps us create innovative solutions that directly address those needs.
  • Through our processes and our products, we seek to deliver greater value every day and to improve our customers’ experience beyond their expectations.


Kaizen Is Our Way of Life

Through Kaizen, or continuous improvement, we address customer needs with actions that benefit the greater good.

  • Customers challenge us, and we challenge ourselves, to continuously improve. We set the bar high for ourselves and each other.
  • With our strong culture rooted in the Danaher Business System, we constantly strive to make things better in a meaningful way—for our company, our customers and the world.
  • Our drive for continuous improvement keeps us ahead of our competitors, creating enduring value and lasting impact at a global scale.


Innovation Defines Our Future

One of the most important ways we drive continuous improvement is through innovation that makes a difference.

  • Customers look to us to find opportunities and define the future—to deliver innovative products, services and solutions that address their most pressing needs.
  • Innovation is our ultimate competitive differentiator. We pursue out-of-the box ideas, both large and small, to add value and advance innovation.
  • We improve people’s lives by delivering technologies that matter. By helping our customers achieve amazing things, we enhance quality of life around the world.


We Compete for Shareholders

By living our core values, we deliver the highest possible value to our shareholders.

  • Our strong track record enables us to continually invest back into our businesses and our people to help them realize their full potential.
  • We earn our shareholders’ investment by maintaining the highest standards of integrity, outstanding service for our customers and a deep commitment to building a better business every day.