Nobel Biocare Fights Toothlessness in Rapa Nui

Home to a population of around 8,000, the community is served by just one resident dentist. However, when in need of dental care, many members of the community are faced with limited resources and severe financial restrictions.

In response to this, The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) together with Drs. Kenji Higuchi and Ruben Rosenberg initiated this inspiring FOR project. Together with a team of surgeons, a prosthodontist, lab technician, nurses and patient coordinators, they used Nobel Biocare's innovative Trefoil system to treat 11 Rapa Nui locals over the course of a week. All 11 patients were provided a fixed bridge in just one day. ​

Dr. Higuchi

Following the surgeries, Dr. Higuchi commented "In three long days, I am very proud to report that our team completed the Trefoil surgical, restorative and laboratory protocols for 11 patients. This is an unimaginable accomplishment. Most importantly, the gratitude of the Rapa Nui patients involved was through the roof with heartwarming responses."​ Hans Geiselhöringer, President of Dental Implant Solutions, said of the mission: "Nobel Biocare's mission is to help more customers treat more patients better with our superior products and solutions. In the case of Rapa Nui and the partnership between The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation and Nobel Biocare, I believe we have done just that. Nobel Biocare has a long history of supporting those in need and developing solutions for the underserved patient. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support this unique humanitarian mission with our revolutionary Trefoil system and to assist in restoring quality of life for 11 patients." In the second phase of the Easter Island Project, Dr. Rosenburg will return to Rapa Nui to revisit the 11 patients.

About FOR

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) is an independent, international initiative that unites professionals from various disciplines to improve oral health care and support humanitarian leadership. Since its inception in 2013, FOR's mission has been to help treat more patients in a humanitarian manner that best reflects innovation and the highest standards of scientifically-based treatment.​ The FOR team consists of Joel Samsinger, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Daniel Sandor, Clinical Education and Communications Manager and Maria Velasco Rodriguez, Clinical Education and Communication Manager. They are based in Zurich, Switzerland, and are led by Michael Hotze, Director Clinical Communications.

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