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Integrity and Compliance

Our deep commitment to integrity is essential to our success.

Danaher is firmly committed to building our business with integrity. We are known and respected for dealing honestly and fairly with our investors, suppliers, partners, customers, associates and competitors.

We believe, with conviction, that acting with integrity at all times is the foundation for success, both individually and together. Our internal integrity and compliance motto – Your Integrity: Our Success – says it all.

Our strong culture of integrity and compliance supports our core values and helps us achieve our purpose of Helping Realize Life’s Potential.


Danaher’s Code of Conduct expresses the fundamental expectation that each Associate at every Danaher Company acts with the highest level of integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and policies. This is essential to the success of all Associates and every Danaher Company. The Code of Conduct provides guidance on Danaher Company policies and common integrity and compliance questions that may arise anywhere in the world when conducting Danaher Company business. It also references other resources available to help Associates address integrity and compliance questions that are not specifically answered in our Code of Conduct.

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Danaher requires its business partners, joint venture partners, agents, contractors, distributors, consultants, and any other third-party representatives that act on behalf of the Company (collectively, “Channel Partners”) to meet the same high level of integrity that Danaher demands of itself. This Channel Partner Code of Conduct applies to all Channel Partners worldwide and defines the minimum standards that Danaher expects from its partners. In the case where applicable laws and regulations are more restrictive, Channel Partners must comply with them as well. The Channel Partner Code covers areas including anti-corruption, conflicts of interest, data privacy, competition and import and export controls.

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Danaher’s Integrity and Compliance Program

Danaher Code of Conduct


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