Ensuring water quality worldwide through simple, accurate testing solutions

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Hach manufactures and distributes analytical instruments, test kits and reagents used to test the quality of water and other liquid solutions for lab, process and field. Manufactured and distributed worldwide, Hach systems are designed to simplify analysis by offering sophisticated on-line instrumentation, accurate portable laboratory equipment, high-quality prepared reagents, complete easy-to-follow methods and lifetime technical support.

Hach was founded in 1947 and had early success with a titration method for measuring drinking water hardness. The company joined the Danaher portfolio in 1999 and has continued to innovate water and liquid testing kits and systems. After 9/11, Hach created an early warning system for drinking water certified by the Department of Homeland Security. During the 2016 Olympic Games, Hach Brazil played a critical role monitoring water quality and safety in the Olympic complex. Recent innovations include remote diagnostics and a Portable Parallel Analyzer to simplify field measurements.

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