Danaher Korea Charity Day

In October, the Danaher Korea team gathered in Seoul Grand Park for their 2018 Charity Day.  The two-part event consisted of a charity walk and the assembly of donation boxes for Together Hansup, a non-profit organization benefitting teenagers in low income families.  Nearly 300 associates representing 13 OpCos took part in the special day.

As associates walked the 4.5 kilometer (approximately 2.8 miles) for charity, they enjoyed quizzes and simple games.  A group of 100 associates from Beckman Coulter Korea walked specifically for Korea Heart Foundation, since the Beckman Coulter Foundation committed to donate $100 USD for each associate participating in the walk.       

​After lunch, each associate assembled a box of donations for Together Hansup.  Boxes were filled with a 3-4-month supply of sanitary pads and handwritten postcards with warm messages.  Together, the team assembled 330 boxes that will be donated to 23 child welfare centers in Anyang City, Korea.

Well done, team!