Capturing Freedom On My Lens

Every year on August 15th, India celebrates its independence. While Indians show their patriotism in different ways, including hoisting the flag, parades and community celebrations, the associates at Danaher India saw Independence Day as an opportunity to Realize Life's Potential.

Danaher India, in collaboration with Leica Microsystems, launched a photography competition called Capturing Freedom On My Lens. All 2,700 associates were invited to submit one entry per category (landscape, wildlife, portrait, aerial, macro and architectural). The photo had to be captured by the participant him/herself and not previously published in any print or digital media​.

Over 600 photos were submitted to the contest, which made selecting just one winner and one runner-up from each category incredibly difficult. The winning photos, shown below, are nothing short of stunning. 

Portrait Category 

Ather Wani

WINNER Athe​r Wani, N​obel ​Biocare​​​​

"This picture was clicked in Manali when I was trying my hand at candid photography. This little girl was standing at the entrance of Manali Nature Park along with her mother and completely engrossed in her ice cream. She looked up to see that I was about to click her picture and that's when she gave me this lovely smile and I managed to capture the moment!"

Urvashi Singh

RUNNER-UP​ U​rvashi Singh, Nobel Biocare

Wildlife Category

Junaid Ahmed

WINNER​ Junaid Ahmed, Phenomenex​​

"Deep in the forest, there is a special attraction point for the bird lovers known as Birding zone where many rare species of birds are found. Just before entering the birding zone suddenly I saw a nest of this bird on the top of a hanging branch. And we waited almost for 1 hour to find out whose nest it was and all of a sudden we saw a ribbon kind of stuff moving in the air and yeah it was the one which I waited for almost 3 years. The beauty from the Heaven-Asian Paradise Flycatcher."

Abhay Patil

RUNNER-UP Abhay Patil, Radiometer​

Landscape Category

Sandeep Palsule

WINNER​ Sandeep Palsule, SCIEX

"The picture was taken nearly 8 years ago. With some of my friends, I had gone for Aravalli Ranakpur Trek organized by YHA India in Nov 2011. The perfect location of the said photo was taken at Thandi Beri (one of the Cool resting place) water reservoir behind the camp. The same small water reservoir is famously called The Crocodile Lake. As the name suggests, we were trying to spot a couple of crocodiles. I believe, there is always a chance to take a great picture, we only have to keep our eyes open and have patience."

Shashank Kushwaha

RUNNER-UP Shashank K​ushwaha, Leica Microsystems​​

Architecture Category

Ravindra Neelavara

WINNER Ravindra Neelavara, Leica Microsystems

"We reached Rameswaram Friday night after visiting Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. The next day, early morning, we took a holy dip in the sea in front of the temple. The guide then took us for the holy bath in 22 wells. We then went to the temple corridor which dates back to the 11th or 12th century. This is still the longest corridor for any Hindu temple in India. We clicked our family picture here. Then I got inspired and carefully captured this picture with symmetry, felt really good after seeing this architectural illusion of pillars.​"

Kruthika Patel

RUNNER-UP Kruthika Patel, SCIEX​

Aerial Category

Pankaj Mishra

WINNER Pankaj Mishra, Beckman Coulter Dx​​​​

"When I was biking at a height of 3500m from Leh to Nimmo, found this beautiful place in between, this was an aerial panorama and was nicely captured with my 10-18mm. I would like to dedicate this image for 10-18mm (a great photography companion) which has deepened my love for landscape photography."

Amit Das

RUNNER-UP Amit Das, Cepheid​

Macro Category

Saurabh Tripathi

WINNER Saurabh Tripathi, Pall​

"While I was in Sarnath Varanasi, I found a butterfly feeding a caterpillar, making efforts to make him learn to move. These efforts best showed the potential of an insect to nurture the new life. Looking at the efforts I couldn't resist to capture this. While thinking to give this picture a slogan I couldn't think of anything better than Helping Realize Life's potential as being the parent the butterfly tried it's best to nurture the caterpillar, the same way Danaher is doing for all the OpCos under one roof.​"

Sujoy Dey

RUNNER-UP Sujoy Dey, Leica Microsystems​